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Flashback drops 3 comments

Spectating the end of the current design trends turn I am expecting to see some all good elements soon. Remember the ‘drop’? Our friend from years 2000-2003, every logo tended to have. Remember that splay corners every site had in design?

I made my tea and sitting here waiting for the design trends flashback. Join!

No time to explain! Tap! 4 comments

iOS 7

The one and only illustration of iOS 7 GUI in this post

Morning glory and despair. In the next couple of days we will not just get bored with #iOS7 but also annoyed by #iOS7bored. I don’t want to discuss certain icons (hey, Safari!) or hipster colored gradients — that will be discussed in millions of comments on thousand of blogs. There is nothing interesting in discussing the visual of new iOS 7. The main idea about it is you will not want to lick the icons any more. Not even once (they are too sharp now). Read more

Knight Moves 3 comments

Martim Moniz Lisbon Metro

The icon on Lisbon Metro train doors and Martim Moniz station decoration

The doors of Lisbon Metro not just warn you about leaning but also highlight the risk of being trapped by closing doors. The Martim Moniz station is decorated with knights and one of them is used to illustrate that icon. This station is called after the noble knight who sacrificed himself by lodging himself in the doorway, preventing the defending Moors from fully closing the door of São Jorge Castle. Read more

Got sick? Stay at home! 8 comments

Got sick? Stay at home and get treatment!

We’ve changed — I hope that’s constant — Ukrainian social ad two years ago. How could we do that? We did that creating really good social ad that would be the ad outdoor agencies would fight to place on their billboards pro bono — that means free. Why was I silent for two years? I could find right words to describe the huge amount of work done. Now when I found them I was happy to write share the knowledge. Read more

Dome 15 comments

Hub and struts

Here’s something I’ve been working for about three weeks. That thing I called applied infographics. After the 20th time I explained what I did to my friends and colleagues I decided it’s time to show the thing to the world. Read more

Site structure schemes 12 comments


Here is a couple of schemes. Schemes of the site structure. I usually create them while working on site information architecture to keep the whole data interaction under control. As I refer to them pretty often, I spend an extra couple of minutes to make them look fancy. These schemes can be expanded or reduced while developing the site but when the IA/UX stuff is developed and decorated (that’s what clients like to call ‘designed’) the site structure schemes usually look quite eye catching. Take a look at this one, pixelated header of which works as the post of the illustration: Read more

Laboratory 1 comments

While searching for the materials for the further posts, I found some mysterious files. They happened to be screenshots of the apps I made for classes while in university. It looks like classes were about object oriented programming language, maybe even Delphi. I forgot how fun it was ;) Read more

Social Virtual Greeting Card 2 comments


I can hardly imagine what others feel but every birthday for me is like worldwide holiday. I smile to everyone and become a bit surprised that not every person I meet greets me. Some of them are even not smiling. So when my father’s birthday happened I wanted him to feel like it is worldwide and made people who aren’t acquainted with my father to frankly greet him with a smile. In order to achieve that result I place a picture (see the top of the post) to my Facebook and made a little description for it:

Today is a perfect day! The day my father was born. When I am asked to fill parents’ occupations I always say ‘The Headmaster of the Internet’ because noone should know he is ‘The Headmaster of the Universe’. I’ll tell you a couple of facts about my father so you won’t be unacquainted anymore and would greet him as a friend. Read more

Decoration and Design 3 comments

It still surprises me that difference between design and decoration is discussed nowadays. Decoration is considered to be the design and design is something noone knows about. Meaningless infographics with reflections and shadows is said to be good while normal readable chart is bad because of shadows and reflections lack. I came up with simple and easy explanation of the difference, using the potato crisps (chips) packages because everyone likes them. Read more

Two traffic advices for Yandex 9 comments

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